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There is more to a website than meets the eye. Turning a website into a successful tool for you or your company goes way beyond what it looks like. Yes, looks are important, but a website needs more than good looks to succeed. People looking for products, services or information make use of browsers like Google, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and more. A great website will be built in a way that makes it search engine-friendly. That's what this website is all about. Google Webmaster Tools is there to help webmasters comply with proper guidelines when designing websites.

The success of your website depends on many factors that go beyond its looks. Proper search engine optimization, known as SEO, ensures that search engines like Google can crawl and index the contents of your website properly. If this is done in accordance with Google Webmaster Tools then you are on the right road. Unfortunately, many webmasters don't follow the basics of these guidelines and the websites don't perform according to clients' expectations.

I have had a few customers who enthusiastically wanted to join the ranks of my successful clients, but grew impatient when things didn't happen immediately. Even though I tried to explain what is involved they, unfortunately, ignored my advice and terminated prematurely or listened to the wrong advice from others. I have learned that some people don't want to hear that they are making a wrong decision, so I leave them. Recently, I had clients return to me because they lost time and money making use of the 'wonderful' advice and services competitors were offering.

If you are serious about having a successful online presence and you want traffic to your website, then you can contact me. I have learned what will make your website work and have a good track record to prove it. Just remember that not all businesses start off with a bang and become an overnight success. You are competing with other people online and every day the competition grows stronger with more websites being added to the fray - that is the reality. But, fortunately, many of them are still ignoring Google's requirements. So you still have room for being better than them if you make the right decision.

I know this is a long introduction and I've highlighted the mistakes that people make - I also had to learn the hard way. When we co-operate with Google and follow their advice the results are really rewarding. Google will do wonderful things for your website if we follow their rules which are there to benefit everyone - you and the visitors to your website. I look forward to being of service to you.


Contributing to the success of your website


Mobile-friendly website design.
User-friendly experience.
Content that makes your website worthwhile visiting.


Good hosting with reliable up-time.  
Limitless bandwidth within reason.
Good support.
Excellent experience.


The heart of your website and the core of your success. This service properly tells Google and other search engines what your website is all about.


Goes beyond SEO and causes people out there to learn about your business. Without this service plus SEO your website fails to get proper exposure.


High-quality, 12-colour printing from A4 to A2. We can print larger on special orders. The results are amazing on prints from lovely photos.


About 40 years photographic experience. We have top notch equipment and studio lights. Photoshop editing.

Hi, I'm Ron.

I started creating websites in 2008 and a while later became interested in SEO. Since then I have built up Ashworth Web which now specializes in Search Engine Optimization and Responsive Website Design enabling websites to rank well on search engines. I have been blogging since 2012 and make use of Social Media together with Content Marketing to promote my clients' businesses to help grow their companies. I am passionate about my work and believe in making a difference through my creativity. My photographic skills also contributes to my success.

The three panels below contain statistics from an email I received from Google recently. They don't reflect the total number of visits to my websites but show that just a simple tool like Google Maps is an invaluable contributor to website traffic.

20,904 views on our locations

Number of times our listings have been viewed on Google Search or Maps. August 2018

407 actions taken on locations

Number of times customers have clicked on our locations to call, get directions, or visit your websites. August 2018

1,9% average action rate

The ratio of views to actions across your published locations on Google Maps and Search. That equals 418 actions. August 2018


Since Ron redesigned our website and promoted it on social media we have been fully booked. We are delighted with his services and highly recommend him.... 

Bernadette Tanya McKay

RBTS Racing - Dyna Tuning Specialists

My previous website was not performing at all. Ron changed that for me and I now have a website that does my company justice. He updates it regularly and I get new business from it...

Mpho Mhangwana

Mhangwana Commercial & Financial Accountantants

We have been making use of Ashworth Web since 2013 to maintain and promote our company website. We are satisfied with his services and recommend him.

Marcell Pieterse

SA Platforms - Cherry Picker Sales, Rentals and Training Specialists

We recently asked Ron to take over our website since we wanted to reduce our monthly costs. He has already started adding necessary catalogues to our website. He has taken photographs of our staff and premises making our website better...  

Danie le Grange

Workmaster Safety Wear and Tools

I approached Ron to take over the responsibility of our websites which needed urgent attention. I am pleased to say that he never disappointed us. He can be trusted and shows initiative.... 

Lucille de Villiers

Goodies Restaurant

I started my website 6 years ago and needed to get business from it. Ron was there with me from the start. My website gets 500 - 600 unique visitors per month which enables my business to keep generating income...

Louis Buitendag

SA Pool Nets & Covers

My business is appearing better in search engines and there has been an increase in business this year over the same period last year.

Don Eales

RJE Distributors - Gardening Hardware distributor

My business has grown and flourished since Ron created my website. I trust him and my website is prominently listed on the first page of Google in search for picture framing ...  

Willem Davel

Absolute Frame - Master Picture Framer

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